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Adult like you mean it. 
Adulting: The Truth

Incredibly busy and/or impatient? 

Being a “real adult” isn’t about giving up on your childhood passions in the name of being practical. It isn’t about suffering through mediocre relationships because “that’s life.” And it’s certainly not about repeatedly saying “livin’ the dream!” when you don’t at all mean it.

Quite the contrary - being a real adult is awesome. It’s about taking responsibility for everything in your life, and feeling the immense power that comes with that responsibility. It’s about bringing your real self into every context you inhabit, rather than shape-shifting in accordance with others’ expectations. It’s about embracing the unbridled excitement of new challenges rather than the barely tolerable monotony of playing it safe. In other words, it’s about actually living the dream.

My coaching is about bringing that dream to fruition. My clients come to me because they...


  • Are sick of feeling stuck and are ready to do something about it.

  • Are committed and motivated to bring their best selves to work, parenting, and relationships.

  • Care deeply about having a positive impact on the world.

  • Want to transcend mediocrity and push themselves to unlock their greatness.

If you get the picture and are ready to talk...

About Ted
My Coaching
My Coaching

Through college, life is pretty much laid out for most of us. There’s a roadmap. Once we reach the edge of the map, however, we’re on our own, wandering the mysterious land of Adulthood. We’re forced to navigate this strange world without a map or a compass, and with few useful tools. As a result, we often stumble blindly through life, often finding ourselves in dysfunctional relationships and uninspiring jobs, sloshing around in a sea of limiting beliefs, caught in a pattern of trying to meet others’ expectations rather than live in accordance with our life’s purpose. I lived there for a while and I can tell you, it’s a waste of precious time.


I don’t tell my clients what to do or how to live. They are the Magellans of their own life quest. My role is to show up with a map, a compass, and tools necessary to set them on their voyage. Through our work together, my clients:


  • Uncover limiting beliefs and take away their power.

  • Learn to navigate life guided by values, purpose, and authenticity rather than fear.

  • Gain clarity about who they want to be and what they want in their relationships.

  • Create a vision of “the dream” they want to live, and take real action to get there.


My coaching practice focuses in the following areas of adulting:​

Creating Ideal Romantic Relationships: we repeat the same relationships over and over again until we learn the lesson that that relationship dynamic is trying to teach us. Shine light on what has been drawing you back, and build of vision of a relationship that shatters the old patterns that aren't serving you. 


Entrepreneurial Success: having started and grown a business from scratch to 250 employees, $45M in revenue, and Best Place to Work accolades in 4 years, I bring forth my personal experience to support you in achieving success that extends far beyond your business. 

Transforming Existing Relationships: uncover your ability to revitalize and enhance relationships in your life, whether romantic, parent, child, friend, or coworker. What if you could enjoy and appreciate everyone in your life?!?! Whaaaaa? Yes, seriously. 


Manifesting Your Full Potential: discover avenues for re-aligning and reinvigorating all areas of your life, and make concrete, action-oriented plans for embarking on a new adventures. 

Parenting with Confidence: learn how to move past self-judgment, fear, and resentment to truly enjoy being a parent. Create and integrate daily practices that transform your family through simplification and value alignment.

About Me
About Me


It turns out, I was right: we grew at a remarkable rate, eclipsing 250 employees and $45M in revenue after only 4 years. Importantly, we were also quick to achieve Madison's Best Place to Work honors, a testament to our unusually strong culture

In 2016, I handed off Bluetree to exceptionally competent leaders and embarked on my coaching adventure. I completed life coach trainings through the Martha Beck Institute as well as CTI's Co-Active Coach Training. I’m continually on the lookout for wisdom and wellbeing-promoting tools to incorporate into my life and work. 


My broad life goal is to reduce suffering and increase joy for myself and everyone with whom I have the opportunity to intersect. Coaching is one path I’ve chosen toward achieving that goal. Other suffering-reducing and joy-spreading venues I cherish include: parenting my hilarious and sweet son, Benny, building an incredible relationship with my wonderful love collaborator, Stephanie, performing improv, and overall intending to bring good vibes with me everywhere I go. 

"I've failed so that you don't have to. You're welcome." - Me

As I ventured into adulthood, I unwittingly created a great deal of needless suffering for myself. Fortunately, I uncovered where I was going wrong, committed to making changes, and emerged from the darkness with a life I wouldn't trade for anything. Now, through coaching, I'm inspired to help my clients do the same while hopefully bypassing that needless suffering on the front end. 

After varied experience coaching sports (soccer & swimming), teaching Spanish, and implementing software for Epic, I started Bluetree Network, a healthcare IT consulting firm. I didn't start the business due to a particular interest in healthcare or IT; I started it because I was sick of doing uninspired work, and because I believed a workplace could actually be a place where employees showed up as themselves rather than work-persona approximations of themselves. That is, where individuality and authenticity are celebrated.


Ted has played a pivotal role in my growth as a father, husband, friend and coworker. His capacity to quickly understand, relate and articulate life circumstances is extraordinary. More impressive still is Ted’s ability to provide practical techniques and on-going support for leading a more positive, present and placid life.


Madison, WI

Before working with Ted, I was working through a tough time in my relationship with my partner and also trying to figure out how to best navigate an upcoming change in my career. My experience with Ted was fantastic. He listened carefully and heard what I was saying beneath my words. Ted brought his deep personal and professional experience to the table and integrated his own knowledge base with coaching tools and strategies that shifted the way that I was looking at situations. Through our work together, I gained a better understanding of what I wanted in my relationship and a better sense of how to navigate an upcoming career transition. 


New York, NY

I began working with Ted after I had completely changed my life over the course of the previous year. I was navigating my first year of sobriety, I quit my job to pursue a freelance career and I was trying to overcome negative relationship patterns. Our sessions were amazing! I felt like he really listened in order to understand the full picture and he asked the right questions that allowed me to piece together my patterns. I felt comfortable sharing with him and he provided a judgement free environment, I felt supported and encouraged. With his coaching, I'm redefining my ideas of successful relationships. I leave sessions with clear goals and action items for when I experience anxiety and depression. I've worked with therapists my entire life but found more value in my coaching sessions. I felt empowered and inspired to take action in ways that traditional therapy didn't provide for me. 


Madison, WI

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Book Now

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